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Shopping For Diamonds:  A Buyer’s Guide

When it comes to shopping for jewellery, there are a lot of elements to consider. Buying a piece of jewellery is like the purchase of a lifetime. So you want it to be meaningful, you want it to be timeless, you want it to have special place in your closet and you want it to be memorable.

This buying guide will take you through everything you need to know from sizing right down to caring for your jewellery.


Wedding Rings

Buying your wedding ring is the most important bit of your wedding shop. It’s the only accessory that you’ll have to wear everyday onwards. So you want to find the ring that will complement both your style and your lifestyle. Comfort, longevity, timeless, versatile are adjectives to consider when choosing your wedding ring.



Shaped Rings

Will you or your partner be wearing their wedding ring alongside their engagement ring? Then you may want to consider choosing a shaped wedding ring which will fit perfectly around your engagement ring. This is quickly becoming a popular option. Some diamond engagement rings are very elaborate in size and detail which may look awkward with a wedding ring fitted next to it.

There are a wide variety of shaped rings to choose from. You may opt to buy a ready-made bridal set so both rings have the same style and metal or you may have a wedding ring shaped to suit an existing engagement ring.



Jewellery comes in numerous metals. But gold, whether white, yellow or rose, is the most popular and romantic option. 24 carat (minimum of 99%) gold is soft and requires to be handled with much more care than the others.  We would recommend choosing a wedding ring within the 18 – 22 carat mark as these are much harder and will last you longer. 18 carat gold is made by mixing 75% gold with 25% other metals.

 White gold is coated in rhodium, a metal similar to platinum, to create a brilliant white colour.  Unfortunately, the thin layer of rhodium will eventually wear off.  To keep a white gold ring looking as good as new, it should be re-plated approximately every 12 to 18 months.  Platinum is the strongest jewellery metal, resistant to damage and won’t taint, making it a great choice if you can afford it.



Trends come and go, but a wedding ring will last forever. Your wedding ring is that one piece of jewellery that you will wear with everything. You want it to be classic and timeless. Have this in mind when choosing a wedding ring. You love this trendy piece today but will still be crazy about it years down the line? It’s likely that as the years go by, your style will change. Nothing beats a true classic.



With diamonds it’s always quality over quantity. Size too matters, of course. But always make sure you know the quality of the diamonds you are going for.  Always make sure that you know your “4 Cs of diamonds” (cut, colour, clarity and carat weight). It is information that is useful and handy especially if you’re opting for diamond wedding rings.


Comfort & Lifestyle

A vital point to consider when buying wedding rings is your lifestyle. Is your lifestyle active? Do you have a manual constituent in your work? Will be required to remove your ring on a regular basis in your line of work? Do you work with a lot of liquids or chemicals? Then you may want to opt for wedding bands that are robust, secure, well-fitted and don’t scratch easily.  Also plain bands will work best for your lifestyle if you think you could easily lose the ring. They are more affordable and easier to replace. A diamond wedding ring with a gigantic stone looks fanciful but it may scratch or get caught in clothing more easily. You may find it uncomfortable in the long run if you have to wear gloves all the time, for instance. 



After choosing a wedding ring that suits your union, what better to make that ring even more symbolic to you both than to have it engraved? Adding a personal message such as your wedding date, your names, your initials, your birthday or just any symbolic message to your wedding ring is such an amazing feeling. It’s almost like a secret that you both share!

If you’re interested in having your wedding rings engraved or cut please email or call 08445611990 to discuss your engraving preferences.

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